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Full service skydiving center servicing North FloridaJacksonvilleCoastal Georgia, and Savannah areas.
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1. SAFETY- Safety is our number one concern with all skydivers

2. LOCATIONWe skydive 2 miles from the coastline offering unmatched aerial coastal views of the Atlantic Ocean.

3. SERVICEWhen you call us you talk to a person who skydives, not a call service.

4. EXPERIENCEOur owner has been in the skydiving industry for over 25 years.

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 The Jumping Place offers the safest Tandem Skydiving option. On your skydive you will witness the breathtaking views of the the Atlantic coastline.  Tandem skydiving has never been safer with our owners 25+ years of experience in the skydiving industry.  Learn to skydive with the safest, premier skydiving operation with a fantastic location close to both Savannah and Jacksonville, Florida.  This means that pregnant women should not take Lorazepam. It\'s important to know that when starting Xanax that anxiety or insomnia may improve rapidly over a period of days or even within hours of the first dose. This medication should not be taken while consuming alcohol as it can enhance the effects of alcohol. about Phentermine. Valium has recently started to be used in the treatment of PTSD in addition to its use as a treatment for a wide variety of mood disorders. Additionally, Ativan should not be used by people with known drug or alcohol addiction problems nor by those patients who have liver or kidney disease. Clonazepam\'s primary use today, however, is in the treatment of a wide variety of mood disorders especially those involving panic and anxiety.

"Thanks to Mike for making Lee's first jump so awesome. He had a great time and is looking forward to his next jump! Love the DVD!!! Thank you   -Sheri Tomberlin, Facebook Comment
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